Are you strange too or is it just me?

First blog post by Catch Tilly- well, mostly.

Here I am catch Tilly, writer, mother and -according to my friends-very strange person, about to write my first blog post. It’s just like a journal right?

Six months ago I died and it all went downhill from there (but that’s Uriel’s diary)


After your second suspension—not my fault btw—they send you to the school counselor to try and sort you out. (but that’s Morgan’s—aka Pig’s—journal)

You see I can write a journal, just not as myself. Caused some real problems with the psychologist I was seeing a few years ago. ‘Keep a journal’ she said. “okay’ I said, thinking I’m a writer this will be easy.

But it wasn’t.

So I go back two weeks later with half a page of writing (as myself) and six pages of writing, (as other people) and the news that while I (Catch) like writing journals I don’t like doing it as myself and unless she wants to psychoanalyse my favourite characters (which there is no way I am letting her do even if they badly need it) then this isn’t going to work. She took it rather well and didn’t even assess me for DID

Which was rather a pity as I could have used the experience for Tancred?Stephen though I suppose he’s more dissociative fugue than split personality and Uriel’s problem(apart from being dead) is external trauma and Chris’s case is complicated by the demonic possession and you can see why I don’t want any of them subject to medical scrutiny,. But anyway…

Expect strangeness.


PS  I don’t have DID and if anyone who is reading this post has experience with that disorder then please let me offer both my deepest sympathy and my amazed admiration for I cannot imagine a more creative and brilliant response to tragedy.

PPS Does anyone else respond to life as people who don’t technically exist? Or is it just me?

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